The counseling room

21 Jan

I have heard

you can look into the person’s eyes

and see into their soul.

One can see sadness, love

and, oh yes

sometimes even evil.



I have seen or felt

most of these

feelings and longings

from people in my

counseling room.



I may have avoided  harm

by identifying evil

from a person’s eyes

(or sensing the presence of evil)

in the counseling room.



I sometimes saw

those who had intense hate

(within themselves)

while talking with me.

They admitted being hooked on drugs

and now,  admitted to being

desperate to find money for

the next fix,  and to get money

any way possible —  One person said




(Yes, I am sure that includes

stealing and killing

if a person gets in the way).



I am lucky.

However, I would rather believe

God’s angels surrounded me…at all times.

Being kind to each person

and offering hope

seemed to be what they needed.

I was never attacked

(I sometimes prayed for protection

silently during a counseling session).




I read about counselors

found dead

after seeing their clients.

I often wonder what the counselors

said to bring that anger

from their clients

that caused their death.

Maybe there was nothing

the counselor could have done to prevent death —

the counselor may have been with

the wrong person at the wrong time.



Drug use seems to be an entry way

for evil in some people.



I don’t have the answers.

I never claimed to have answers

to why evil happens all around us.



These words are for you my friend:

“May God protect you

from the evil in this world.

May God’s angels surround you

and protect you always.”




















Mayday, Mayday! “Bowman Field Airport, please standby for a crash landing! Do you copy?”

1 Jan

My hands and heart froze.

I had no business

flying with so little experience.

I never overcame the fear of flying.


The employees at Bowmen Field Airport

called me white knuckles

because my knuckles were so

white as  I held so tight to the flight controls.


They told me to relax,

that crashing is not a bad way to die.

They continued, it happens quickly–

You die within a short time  if the propeller stops.

Yes, they were joking.


My next time flying

the propeller sputtered, then stopped.

Time stood still.


Verses from a song

I often heard in Sunday School as a child

flooded my mind.

I think I could almost

hear my Sunday School classmates

sing it right there in the plane.

Of course it was only my memory

from years past.


The song goes like this:

“Jesus loves me, this I know

for the Bible tells me so.

Little ones to him belong;

they are weak but he is strong.”


Suddenly I felt a presence within the plane

the presence filled

the co-pilot seat next to me.

I remember saying outloud

“Jesus, is that you,

are you  with me Lord?”


Words I once read

in the Bible flashed across my mind —

“The Lord is my Shepherd

I shall not want.

He makes me to lie down in

green pastures.”


At that very moment my eyes glanced

downward — I had glided over farmland.

I  remembered during my first lesson

I was told my plane could glide

for several minutes until I located

a safe place to land and to always look

for a patch of farmland.


I was flying a Cessna 152

with a propeller that stopped spinning.

That moment is frozen in my mind.


I slowly and gently glided

onto a clear level area on the farm land.


When I stepped out of the plane

the words from the 23rd Psalm

flowed through my mind again —


“The Lord is my Shepherd

I shall not want.

He makes me to lie down

in green pastures.”





Dear Lord, do I have the radio on too loudly? I can’t hear you anymore?

1 Jan

Hello Lord,

can you hear my thoughts?

The radio is loud

and the TV is on all the time

should I turn down the volume?


I have been waiting to hear from you.

Things like what I should do and

if I should be friends

with  people I recently met.


I’m turning off the radio

and TV

and the noise in my mind



Sorry Lord,  that I am caught up

with all the noise of life.

Please try talking with me again.




used to.





do nothing …. that’s the best I can do

1 Jan

doing nothing



what I need to do



doing nothing

is all I need to do



doing something

is wrong


sometimes waiting

for an answer

in silence

is the right thing to do

you wonder if I am nice

24 Nov

You see me
and make
quick opinions.

You wonder
am I nice and
am I good looking  enough?

and do I
have money?

You ask —
will you benefit
by knowing me and
do I have anything
to add to your life?

I am really a nice guy and
I would like to know you.
I will try not to
go through the same questions
about you
when we meet.

Long Distance Healing

21 Aug

Yesterday I got a case
of food poisoning.
I did not go to the hospital.
I waited it out
hoping the wave of sickness
would leave.

I decided to try sleeping
but was only able to
stare across the bedroom
watch the clock
and send a few prayers
to God.

About 1 am, still awake
knowing I was not going
to sleep
I got up to
catch up on email messages.

Before an hour has passed
I felt almost normal
and returned to bed.
I fell asleep for
eight hours.

When I got up
and drank enough coffee
to check my emails
I had received a message from
a man I have never met in person
in another state.
He said he had gotten up
early this morning
and prayed for me.
He did not give a reason
other than he felt
a need to send prayers my way.

Bill, if you are reading this
on Facebook
this poem is for you.

How to avoid messy relationships

11 Aug

Seems to be a lot of breakups
in relationships these days.

I believe it may be
we don’t recognize the signals
of toxic individuals.

Should we expect each person we meet
to peal off their masks
and show “their real self?”
No, the other person
is too busy trying to charm you
to gain whatever he or she wants
This may be your money,
your property
even your body.

What are we to do?

How about:

1) Getting to know who this person
associates with. Do their friends use drugs?
2) Find out how others were treated in
past relationships.
3) Wait a year before getting seriously
involved so you can see all sides
of the person.
4) Hangout and get to know many people.
There are some pretty nice people
out there if we look.
5) Realize the “crazy people” in your life
don’t need to stay in your life.
Spend little or no time with them,
but be kind.
6) Once anyone becomes disrespectful
become unapproachable to them.
Don’t reply. Don’t text.
Block them from Facebook.
7) If you are called a name, or pushed.
feel controlled, or are being told
what you can and can not do,
it’s time to listen to the signals
you are receiving.
Run, don’t walk. Don’t communicate.
Don’t try to make it work.

Try these beginning today.
You will thank me