looking for warmth on a cold winter day

25 Nov

it was years ago

but seemed like yesterday

i was homeless


everything in my world turned

upside down

i won’t explain what took me down

i remember walking the streets

looking and thinking

what to  do next


i looked tired

a man motioned me into a

hamburger cafe

he said I looked like I lost my last friend

i told him he must be reading my mail

cause i lost both my luck and friends


hamburger and coke were good

I thanked him for caring

and being a friend for the past hour


i never looked in dumpsters before

and discovered some food was cooked

and not sold…..it all tasted good

during the winter


i discovered abandoned houses

doors unlocked for those who

where down on luck


i wrote poetry during the days

where I found warmth in

the local college library


all this poverty because i wanted

to be a poet and make a living

from poetry sales


many months had passed since

anyone purchased a poem for a

magazine or literary journal

so my pocketbook was lean and mean


it was a very cold winder

living here and there in empty houses

eating what I could find

in dumpsters


i survived this period

and perhaps

i am better because of this


when i see the

homeless,   I stop to talk. . .

take them to a café for a coke and food

and spend time


i saw a homeless women carrying

a black trash bag with all her belongings


i treated her to a meal at Christmas time

and asked her to tell me about herself

and to tell me how she was doing

she cried nonstop . . .

i’m sorry for crying she says

but no one ever asked me

how I ever felt

and no one before ever bought me a meal

until today





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