Jesus, i’m running with you today

hi Jesus others may not like what I am sharing but I do believe in you and I am leaning on your today for support   I have been waking up depressed and today I decided to think of you every moment of the day (and I realize this is not entirely possible) and askContinue reading “Jesus, i’m running with you today”

will creativity return?

what a question   I remember words flowing and writing 2-page poems without stopping   and as I wrote  each word not knowing what would follow it was  “inspiration” like only inspiration  can be in its finest and purest essence   each day was filled with emotions that would be written and later I strivedContinue reading “will creativity return?”

he did not know how to tell her “i love you”

the young man cried cause he wanted his wife to stay with him   when he met her words of love flowed from his lips   work, pressures and children have caused him to forget how he once was   and his wife his beautiful wife feels unloved and is thinking of leaving him  Continue reading “he did not know how to tell her “i love you””