Sitting in leonard’s cafe listening to others talk about me

I was enjoying a buffalo chicken sandwich and drink as I overheard a man and woman talking a few tables behind me they were talking badly about someone and at first I tried to tune out their conversation then I heard — “why don’t they keep those rough necks out of this place — theyContinue reading “Sitting in leonard’s cafe listening to others talk about me”

Saturday night at the one star motel

That is all I could afford on a cold snowy Saturday night.  A cheap $22.00 motel in a not so good section of town.     The food joints were closed for the night.  The motel had old oranges and aged apples (the apples went well with the peanut butter I brought).   Two ladies, older thanContinue reading “Saturday night at the one star motel”

I couldn’t enter your world

it was during high school you never said hello or even noticed when I passed by     is it possible my memory of you is too beautiful? you were popular with guys with fashion label clothing and football players basketball players & baseball players something happened along the way   tonight a high school friend showedContinue reading “I couldn’t enter your world”