I was too shy to have a friend

I was always afraid I would say something that would make you turn away and not be my friend Looking back I was insecure not sure if I was the kind of guy worthy of being your friend or anyone’s friend A boy offered me cookies during class (vanilla wafers) it seemed like yesterday butContinue reading “I was too shy to have a friend”

the greenwich village singer with the box of kittens who became famous

every day he was strumming his guitar singing his own made up songs     he kept a box nearby with kittens in the box (with water and kitty food) children laughed and played with the kittens     I watched youngsters stop and listen and people of all ages stopped and were captivated by theContinue reading “the greenwich village singer with the box of kittens who became famous”

why I wear salvation army clothes

I was tired of dressing up to look “professional” I had a job as a counselor helping both the wealthy and homeless     I was a counselor helping people through tough times pulling teens and adults off drugs   wearing a tie and expensive clothing was not my style I felt it was a barrier withContinue reading “why I wear salvation army clothes”