Hello fellow poet. You changed my life!

I was afraid to contact you. You were well known as the poet in your city throughout our state in other states and several countries. Your books were sold in all the independent bookstores. And later I saw your poetry books in book racks in major bookstore chains. I felt small compared to you. IContinue reading “Hello fellow poet. You changed my life!”

The message that broke her heart

A young woman sits on the ground beside a tree tracing a design into the dirt with her fingers She looks into the sky then across the fields then back into the sky thinking about her spouse (a police officer) she had waiting for to celebrate their newborn child the message arrived he won’t beContinue reading “The message that broke her heart”

Kiss me and love me. Leave when you must.

It’s those extra years that won’t allow our relationship to survive (we can’t understand how this can happen now but it will) I’m years older than you My face and body appear youthful now I treat you with love and respect and loving words (you are not use to that with younger men) If weContinue reading “Kiss me and love me. Leave when you must.”