How to avoid messy relationships

Seems to be a lot of breakups
in relationships these days.

I believe it may be
we don’t recognize the signals
of toxic individuals.

Should we expect each person we meet
to peal off their masks
and show “their real self?”
No, the other person
is too busy trying to charm you
to gain whatever he or she wants
This may be your money,
your property
even your body.

What are we to do?

How about:

1) Getting to know who this person
associates with. Do their friends use drugs?
2) Find out how others were treated in
past relationships.
3) Wait a year before getting seriously
involved so you can see all sides
of the person.
4) Hangout and get to know many people.
There are some pretty nice people
out there if we look.
5) Realize the “crazy people” in your life
don’t need to stay in your life.
Spend little or no time with them,
but be kind.
6) Once anyone becomes disrespectful
become unapproachable to them.
Don’t reply. Don’t text.
Block them from Facebook.
7) If you are called a name, or pushed.
feel controlled, or are being told
what you can and can not do,
it’s time to listen to the signals
you are receiving.
Run, don’t walk. Don’t communicate.
Don’t try to make it work.

Try these beginning today.
You will thank me

Published by Jim Wortham

As a teen, wanted to live from writing poetry. Wrote several books, selling nationally. Hung out with readers throughout the United States. My writing has been on back burner. Now dusting off my desk and have my pen in hand. Hope you enjoy some of what I write.

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