Mayday, Mayday! “Bowman Field Airport, please standby for a crash landing! Do you copy?”

My hands and heart froze.

I had no business

flying with so little experience.

I never overcame the fear of flying.


The employees at Bowmen Field Airport

called me white knuckles

because my knuckles were so

white as  I held so tight to the flight controls.


They told me to relax,

that crashing is not a bad way to die.

They continued, it happens quickly–

You die within a short time  if the propeller stops.

Yes, they were joking.


My next time flying

the propeller sputtered, then stopped.

Time stood still.


Verses from a song

I often heard in Sunday School as a child

flooded my mind.

I think I could almost

hear my Sunday School classmates

sing it right there in the plane.

Of course it was only my memory

from years past.


The song goes like this:

“Jesus loves me, this I know

for the Bible tells me so.

Little ones to him belong;

they are weak but he is strong.”


Suddenly I felt a presence within the plane

the presence filled

the co-pilot seat next to me.

I remember saying outloud

“Jesus, is that you,

are you  with me Lord?”


Words I once read

in the Bible flashed across my mind —

“The Lord is my Shepherd

I shall not want.

He makes me to lie down in

green pastures.”


At that very moment my eyes glanced

downward — I had glided over farmland.

I  remembered during my first lesson

I was told my plane could glide

for several minutes until I located

a safe place to land and to always look

for a patch of farmland.


I was flying a Cessna 152

with a propeller that stopped spinning.

That moment is frozen in my mind.


I slowly and gently glided

onto a clear level area on the farm land.


When I stepped out of the plane

the words from the 23rd Psalm

flowed through my mind again —


“The Lord is my Shepherd

I shall not want.

He makes me to lie down

in green pastures.”





Published by Jim Wortham

As a teen, wanted to live from writing poetry. Wrote several books, selling nationally. Hung out with readers throughout the United States. My writing has been on back burner. Now dusting off my desk and have my pen in hand. Hope you enjoy some of what I write.

3 thoughts on “Mayday, Mayday! “Bowman Field Airport, please standby for a crash landing! Do you copy?”

  1. I remember the first time I “didn’t” sing “Jesus Loves Me”. I was very young and it was my first experience in a church not far from where my Dad lives now. The Sunday school teacher taught a group of us children the song to perform together. When it came time to sing I silently mouthed the words without singing. I was afraid, I don’t know of what.

    1. Hi Steven! I too was afraid of singing outloud and in church and would just mouth the words. I was shy. In our early years we are scared of many things. Maybe fear of disapproval from others causes such problems.

    2. Hi Steven, thanks for sharing your memory. I silently mouth songs too because I had people I did not sing well. I no longer try to sing. I love this song and sometimes sing it in my mind, especially when trying to sleep.

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