I can’t sleep tonight

17 Apr

Have you ever had nights like mine?

Unable to sleep

even when drinking a glass of warm milk

and eating cookies?

Sleeping medication is not working.

I watch the clock tick away each hour

from 10 pm to 5 am.

What is one to do when this happens?

I try praying to Jesus.

Then I pray to God.

Then I pray to The Holy Spirit.

I don’t want to miss praying to the right one.

I don’t pray for sleep anymore

when this happens.

I pray for others, both friends

and enemies.

I must need this time

to get my soul and spirit in

the right place with God.

If I die soon I want Jesus to know

I am ready to go and will be stepping

from this earthly plane to the

heavenly plane.

I  learned this in Bible School

so it must be true, doesn’t it?



night- night.


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