May I have a drink of your wine?

Empty of thoughts I walk into a bookstore and begin flipping through books letting other poets’ words nourish the thirst within me. I drink freely from each poet’s glass of tasty wine. Creativity begins flowing and once again I begin writing and become a poet. By Jim Wortham

Tonight, let’s think about finding love when you are lonely

I want to share a little wisdom that I’ve learned over the years. I want to encourage you. Don’t give up on meeting people. Especially don’t give up on finding love. You will find someone you can enjoy and love. Leave your safe place and circulate and talk with everyone you feel led to. TheyContinue reading “Tonight, let’s think about finding love when you are lonely”

My poetry engine broke and I can use a little help from my friends

After 3 poetry books published this year my poetry engine died. My friend Ted tells me to get my poetry engine started by buying 4 or 5 kinds of tasty liquor then sit down and drink 6 to 12 drinks until poetry starts pouring out. Sebrena says to have some exciting experiences to see ifContinue reading “My poetry engine broke and I can use a little help from my friends”

waiting for love that never comes

She sits on the beach at twilight waiting for someone anyone with a friendly smile and warm words No one stops She appears homeless She made her home the beach and a nearby park where she sleeps on sand or a bench in the park with newspapers over her to stay warm She works allContinue reading “waiting for love that never comes”