Thanks for the dance

i went to dances in high school i danced with anyone who said “yes” i went to local schools (girls at other schools did not know how shy i was during that time) then college happened — i never found the perfect partner then after college i visited dance clubs & country clubs with danceContinue reading “Thanks for the dance”

Death, please don’t awaken me when it’s my turn

this feeling . . . it’s more than my thoughts i don’t wake up as i once did now sleeping until 11:30 a.m. or noon before i want to begin the day not hungry breakfast is a liquid meal replacement whichever is cheapest at stores caught covid three times long term covid symptoms are bringingContinue reading “Death, please don’t awaken me when it’s my turn”

I am losing weight –will you be my friend now?

Many reading this are like me –just a tad bit overweight should i say 50 pounds–if i say i need to lose 65 pounds or more will you delete me as a friend? don’t unfriend me yet i already lost 2 pounds over 3 months losing weight is slow going especially when people visit andContinue reading “I am losing weight –will you be my friend now?”

Knocking on Jesus’s Door

hi Jesus i’m suppose to be “joyful” the church people tell me — i smile to make them think i am joyful but you/ and i/ know better … it’s all about the feeling of not achieving the things i have always wanted/ it’s not about lack of food or money/ i don’t remember theContinue reading “Knocking on Jesus’s Door”

Waiting for time take me for a ride

do you ever feel like this “i’ve done what I can do — now i will wait it out i’ve done it all desire for trips/ gone desire to write books/gone desire to eat out/gone i want to be left alone/ to be a recluse i like music if i can understand words don’t wantContinue reading “Waiting for time take me for a ride”

Let me try . . . to make you feel good!

I’m at an age where I’ve gone through so much (that is not all good) so many people have disappointed me i don’t blame them they are human aren’t they? and humans are this way– they make mistakes, some are greedy some are out only for themselves they just don’t know — as years passContinue reading “Let me try . . . to make you feel good!”