I got the news & I’m sorry I was not there that final day you closed your eyes. When we met, time lasted forever did we care what time it was? time tricked us time slowly took our life energy exchanging our time together for money, more money, always for more money & we separatedContinue reading “I WILL BE FOLLOWING YOU, MY DEAR”

I left my heart in bowling green, kentucky

shouldn’t i have forgotten? by now? you borrowed a piece of my heart — we were finishing college we had one year to go you left that summer for a job at a national park U never returned / / / i’m here waiting still waiting forever waiting for your return please return to BowlingContinue reading “I left my heart in bowling green, kentucky”

Am I Happy, Unhappy or Feeling Numb?

these days it’s difficult to put an emotion on my feelings my health has taken a turn doctors don’t have answers my food is my friend — like sardines (I cut the tails off before eating) i select different types of crackers making sardines tastier / / / Mornings — two cups of coffee withContinue reading “Am I Happy, Unhappy or Feeling Numb?”

Time . . . you are rushing me — TOO FAST!

years pass i can’t stop them i look up the ages when my friends passed i’m not there yet but time won’t stop i beg time to slow down but it only rushes some reason i think i won’t be here for long /// after contracting the covid virus long term covid set in iContinue reading “Time . . . you are rushing me — TOO FAST!”

Depression is knocking on my door for a place to live

it’s december cold depression keeps knocking saying “your parents are dead your brother is dead friends are dying — let me be your friend now” depression tells me “get ready for your time of departure it could be anytime” i try not to let depression come in but this year is different depression keeps knockingContinue reading “Depression is knocking on my door for a place to live”

Autumn is gone– life is almost complete

It’s time i move on my colors have fallen like the leaves long term covid had stripped me i have stopped eating can’t sleep no energy doctors don’t know any answers /// i lose weight i sleep late and of course don’t care about about politics it never matters– the promises are broken ################### theContinue reading “Autumn is gone– life is almost complete”

Thanks for the dance

i went to dances in high school i danced with anyone who said “yes” i went to local schools (girls at other schools did not know how shy i was during that time) then college happened — i never found the perfect partner then after college i visited dance clubs & country clubs with danceContinue reading “Thanks for the dance”