I left my heart in bowling green, kentucky

shouldn’t i have forgotten? by now? you borrowed a piece of my heart — we were finishing college we had one year to go you left that summer for a job at a national park U never returned / / / i’m here waiting still waiting forever waiting for your return please return to BowlingContinue reading “I left my heart in bowling green, kentucky”

I am losing weight –will you be my friend now?

Many reading this are like me –just a tad bit overweight should i say 50 pounds–if i say i need to lose 65 pounds or more will you delete me as a friend? don’t unfriend me yet i already lost 2 pounds over 3 months losing weight is slow going especially when people visit andContinue reading “I am losing weight –will you be my friend now?”

my phone does not ring

a friend from the past once said someday when enough days go by my phone won’t ring he was talking about women would rather talk with someone younger We were talking like all guys do about girls we were dating he said we won’t look good forever I didn’t think much about that but yearsContinue reading “my phone does not ring”

She said, Honey, You Have Style!

I was eating a BBQ sandwich when a youthful lady asked if she could join me of course I said she sat down, smiled and said, “Honey, you have style! you wear Harley-Davidson clothing” To be honest, I said I don’t own a Harley-Davidson bike She loved to talk and said “I can help youContinue reading “She said, Honey, You Have Style!”

An Angel Sat Down And Talked With Me

I never saw her before I was eating alone and some friends sat down and talked they were the type of guys who laughed and told clean jokes we all ordered lunch when our food arrived one asked if he could say grace of course we said after an hour they left I was sittingContinue reading “An Angel Sat Down And Talked With Me”

It’s Midnight & I’m Feeling the Blues

News came today not on television but from your best friend you didn’t want to deliver words saying you met someone you love more than you ever loved me I’m locked out of your life I know why you stopped answering calls & texts I’m sinking into the blues deep, deep, deep blues not doingContinue reading “It’s Midnight & I’m Feeling the Blues”