Am I Happy, Unhappy or Feeling Numb?

these days it’s difficult to put an emotion on my feelings my health has taken a turn doctors don’t have answers my food is my friend — like sardines (I cut the tails off before eating) i select different types of crackers making sardines tastier / / / Mornings — two cups of coffee withContinue reading “Am I Happy, Unhappy or Feeling Numb?”

Time . . . you are rushing me — TOO FAST!

years pass i can’t stop them i look up the ages when my friends passed i’m not there yet but time won’t stop i beg time to slow down but it only rushes some reason i think i won’t be here for long /// after contracting the covid virus long term covid set in iContinue reading “Time . . . you are rushing me — TOO FAST!”

Depression is knocking on my door for a place to live

it’s december cold depression keeps knocking saying “your parents are dead your brother is dead friends are dying — let me be your friend now” depression tells me “get ready for your time of departure it could be anytime” i try not to let depression come in but this year is different depression keeps knockingContinue reading “Depression is knocking on my door for a place to live”

Autumn is gone– life is almost complete

It’s time i move on my colors have fallen like the leaves long term covid had stripped me i have stopped eating can’t sleep no energy doctors don’t know any answers /// i lose weight i sleep late and of course don’t care about about politics it never matters– the promises are broken ################### theContinue reading “Autumn is gone– life is almost complete”

Thanks for the dance

i went to dances in high school i danced with anyone who said “yes” i went to local schools (girls at other schools did not know how shy i was during that time) then college happened — i never found the perfect partner then after college i visited dance clubs & country clubs with danceContinue reading “Thanks for the dance”

Let me try . . . to make you feel good!

I’m at an age where I’ve gone through so much (that is not all good) so many people have disappointed me i don’t blame them they are human aren’t they? and humans are this way– they make mistakes, some are greedy some are out only for themselves they just don’t know — as years passContinue reading “Let me try . . . to make you feel good!”