covid, cobra or viper

my friend could not pronounce covid she called it cobra when covid started mutating she called the next virus viper she could remember shakes i wonder if the next mutation will be called rattle snake/ i’m just wondering nothing wrong with guessing what’s next (Jim Wortham, September 21, 2022)

Let me try . . . to make you feel good!

I’m at an age where I’ve gone through so much (that is not all good) so many people have disappointed me i don’t blame them they are human aren’t they? and humans are this way– they make mistakes, some are greedy some are out only for themselves they just don’t know — as years passContinue reading “Let me try . . . to make you feel good!”

I won for a few years

it was when I self-published my book When Twilight Begins poems flowed i’d carry a notebook — poems flowed while walking or sitting in a sports bar or sitting on my apartment couch ////// more books published, maybe 2 a year sold in bookstores — waldenbooks, dalton booksellers, barnes & noble, borders books-a-million & giftContinue reading “I won for a few years”