Knocking on Jesus’s Door

hi Jesus

i’m suppose to be “joyful”

the church people tell me —

i smile to make them think i am joyful

but you/

and i/

know better …

it’s all about the feeling

of not achieving the things

i have always wanted/

it’s not about lack of food

or money/

i don’t remember the last time i smiled

or laughed

except for someone telling a joke/

i’ll continue to wait

maybe this is my new normal

i’ll sit at home &

eat peanut butter on graham crackers

& drink milk —

makes a good meal, really/

i’m here at the

same place

you know where to find me/

until we talk tonight

as we do 3 hours each night,

i’ll read one of my favorite authors

maybe do some oil painting

and pray for all who come to my

mind who also have needs

( Jim Wortham, September 19, 2022)

Waiting for time take me for a ride

do you ever feel like this

“i’ve done what I can do —

now i will wait it out

i’ve done it all

desire for trips/ gone

desire to write books/gone

desire to eat out/gone

i want to be left alone/

to be a recluse

i like music if i can

understand words

don’t want

to start a new project

or do

what i did in the past —

it will never happen

not time left

nope, not time

just so little time left

should i build a rocking chair

or read books

by my old writer friends

who have

passed on

what to do, what to do, what to do

God knows how i feel

i think he is fine with it

we spend 3 hours each night

sitting in the living room

talking about old times

and new times to come

(Jim Wortham, September 19, 2022)

Let me try . . . to make you feel good!

I’m at an age

where I’ve gone through

so much (that is not all good)

so many people

have disappointed me

i don’t blame them

they are human

aren’t they?

and humans are this way–

they make mistakes,

some are greedy

some are out

only for themselves

they just


know —

as years pass by

their lives & values will change

i used to be self-centered

i am becoming (or am)

a recluse (or a hermit) now

wanting to be alone

& often not answering my phone ///

While you, my friend, are still young


advice is

be kind to others

love all people

overlook other’s faults

expect nothing in return / / /

if you have read this far

i send you my blessings

and prayers

that you will

have a beautiful life

& God will guide you

in your perfect life’s path

—- Jim Wortham, September 12, 2012)

Will you be my forever friend?

i must share how it was

i gave my time to anyone who wanted it

anyone who wanted to be my friend–yes!

i wanted many friends when i was young

in my teens and twenties (and later)

years and years and years passed

and most of my friends are gone

(maybe they really did not want me as a friend

once they learned i had imperfections)

many who i shared time with

are gone, so gone, i have no way to contact them

may i share about my time now with you?

time has become valuable

as i have become badly worn

with wrong jobs

friendships that did not last

lovers who no longer

answered their phone and texts ///




different . . . today

time has become a treasure

i don’t know how much time i have

i know i have fewer hours


i will be your friend

if you don’t leave me

my time is tied to my time to live


only come to me

if you will be my friend


— Jim Wortham, September 11, 2022

She says “age does not matter”

it happened at a drug store


have you had someone

say age does not matter?

that’s exactly what she said . . .

she waited on me for a prescription

she knew my age

& I only imagine

as I looked closely

at her face and body

she was

in her twenties

she asked

“do you have plans tonight?”

i said if i wasn’t married

she would be the person

i’d like to be with

surprising to me

she said

if you change your mine

i’ll leave you my text


i thanked her for everything

and said maybe

we will meet again

thanks for making me feel good

i was feeling a bit down

& i haven’t felt so young

as you just made me feel

she said

i’m telling you the way i feel

in your case

age does not matter


don’t lose the paper

with my number

i smiled

and walked away

–Jim Wortham, September 10, 2022

Finding my Soul Mate

just walking down a road

saw an inviting place &

stopped at


it had a fancy sign

with the words



went inside

and ordered a drink

there i sit

sipping slowly

wondering if i’d ever meet my soul mate

a lady walks in with a beautiful smile

asks “can you use some company?”

yes and i’ll ask our delightful server to

bring you a glass of whatever you’d like to drink

i tell my friend

i’m drinking–lookin for answers

while having a few drinks

i’m wondering when i’ll meet my soul mate

& where it will be

Shannon (that’s my new friend’s name)

said she came here

to have a drink &

think about if she would ever

find her soul mate–

we kept having drinks

while laughing

& telling jokes


closing time

we walked out










(Jim Wortham, September 10, 2022)

I won for a few years

it was when I self-published my book

When Twilight Begins

poems flowed

i’d carry a notebook — poems flowed while walking

or sitting in a sports bar

or sitting on my apartment couch


more books published, maybe 2 a year

sold in bookstores —

waldenbooks, dalton booksellers,

barnes & noble, borders

books-a-million & gift shops

& college bookstores


i thought the winnings were mine forever

i thought the good times would never end

then in the mirror

my youth turned into

an aging face


i dated

and thought love would never end


i didn’t know that when races are won

one day

there’s not another win


letters from ladies slowed

my phone stopped ringing


no one brought

snacks and drinks to enjoy





(Jim Wortham, August 9, 2022)

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