Back to Dust

The days


too fast now

my body

is resisting


falling asleep at 2, 3, 4

sometimes it’s 5:30 a.m.

I get up

at noon

no desire to eat

I eat things from

like tuna, sardines

pickled eggs

& pickled pig feet

& dollar store crackers

& candy

I leave

my cabin

to get

mail like

food coupons

& walmart ads


I have no energy

my body







—-Jim Wortham July 30, 2022


Dear Melissa. do you remember

Angels suspending your car

two times in a week?

Preventing 2 head on accidents?

We both most likely could be dead

Each time, another car

ran a stop sign on their side of the street

We came face to face

with death

seconds from happening

It happened two times

We were taking turns driving (carpooling)

traveling to work at Communicare Clinic

in Hardensburg, Kentucky

It was your week to drive

and I saw what was going to happen

I cried “stop” in a shakey voice

At that moment

I saw through my window

that we were going to hit

the car crossing within

seconds, maybe in just one second

Both times, your car was suspended

STOPPED by an Angel

until the car crossing has passed

Melissa, if you read this,

do you remember it this way?

Do you remember

your car suspended for seconds

to avoid us being killed?

I felt angels afterwards

hovering over us on the way home

I remember this like it happened today

do you still remember it?

This happened over 25 years ago

I believe in Jesus

my Savior (since age (9)

God & the Holy Spirit

All three were working

in their special ways

to bring their Angels to

allow us to live

(PS: We both have worked to help

troubled people in this world &

we are both alive today

(Melissa is my facebook friend)

Blessings to all reading this

(written by Jim Wortham, July 11, 2011)

Words of Love


do you remember

the love

you sprinkled over me

that summer

we met?


your lips

tasted my lips

you were wearing

strawberry glossy lipstick


our arms


our hands fell


do remember?


i remember what happened

that night

do you?


can we get together again

and have

a night

like that?


it’s been

3 years

has it been too long

to try again?

please say

let’s get together



in my eyes you look the same

you smell the same

your lips taste the same

can we try again?








we are




and maybe


Being a Poet in NY City

in past poems

i shared how i wanted to be a poet

and how i failed upward

and finally published

books that sold

now i’ll tell how i went to NY city

located an office in the rich part of the city

that furnished mail forwarding

& telephone answering service

i lived in a cheap well known hotel

i used this NY city address for

my poetry books publishing office

i used this address so people throughout

the world would think i lived and wrote in NY

i found printers that could print my books

at a very inexpensive price

and i wrote several poetry books under pen names

sold thousands upon thousands of books

by pen names i won’t reveal yet

i also had another company using my real name

which i operated from louisville, kentucky

i also sold thousands of books

to readers who wrote to me in louisville

but there was glamor to using pen names

and a New York address

with an important sounding

publishing house name

i often thought

readers would not buy my poetry books

if they knew i wrote them,

me being a guy from louisville, kentucky?

no i thought

i had to be a guy from NY city

with poetic sounding pen names

i think i sold many

more books

that way

but don’t know for sure

who would buy poetry books

by some guy in louisville?

many readers came to NY city

to meet me

and discovered i was not there

the office manager would say

i was out of town,

or i had just left for Greece

or England

or Sweden

to work with another poet

on a new book

that’s the way i rolled

and now you know

why i could never have lunch

or dinner or a

late night’s evening with you

in NY city

but maybe

another day

or night

we can

spend together

over a candle lit dinner

By Jim Wortham (July 4, 2022)

Yes, I’m doing fine, thank you! I’m not working anymore. But life is great!

life has been good to me

i’ve had a life of luck

started working as a paperboy at age 14

saved my money

have friends who are loyal

i’ve done lots of work

some i liked

some i didn’t

saved enough money

to get me

to my end

time passed fast

i live a simple life

in a cabin

i can afford water, food

& have enough cash to keep the lights on

almost no one stops by

i have a cell phone but it’s turned off

unless i need to make a call

i stay up late

i sleep till noon

i eat cheap food from dollar stores

my recreation is reading books

& listening to music

what more could i want

during this autumn of life

why work

since i


have it all

(Jim Wortham, June 10, 2022)

The dream

She can’t explain it &

I’m without words

10 days ago she had a dream

to go to a certain bookstore

and something special

would happen

She went every day

for 10 days

and on the 10 day

I was looking at poetry

books searching for

the newest books

by favorite poets

She was there

standing two feet away

and asked me if I had a

favorite poet

I named three I really liked

I saw a

twinkle in her eyes

and said

may we walk to

the store’s coffee shop?

I’ll treat you to coffee and

a desert

This is how

we met

Her name is


she said

“call me Candy”

“This is not my world anymore” — I am worried about Billy

he says this a lot:


i don’t think he has given up

he does not want to change

wants things the way they were

cell phones, kindle tablets

& Apple iPads & products

aren’t his things

he is not saying

he is wanting to exit this world

he remains inside his

apartment, shades drawn

car parked where no one

sees it

so no one

knows he is home

he doesn’t want friends

many have passed on

or stopped calling

died or moved

he says movies are not enjoyable

music–he likes a few singers

he grew up listening to

many singers are gone


or health problems

took some of them

he lives alone

has nothing to look forward to

knows four neighbors

(they don’t check on him

and he does not go to see them)

he rarely gets together with anyone

eats sardines, lunch meat

sometimes fruit

he wasn’t always this far down

in college and workplaces

those who knew him say

he was one of the best

if not the very best at everything!

all the classes from grade school

through the colleges he attended

never prepared him for changes

he is facing now

he says it’s not safe to go out

killings are happening often

now in grocery stores, churches

schools, sports bars and

drive-by random shootings

he wonders as he

sits on his couch

how the world got this way

he keeps saying


(Jim Wortham, June 7, 2022)

I Can’t Say Bye Yet

What can I say

knowing tonight

is your last night


a miracle appears

The doctors


life support

You are talking

holding my hand

giving me hugs

What is on your mind

no, no

I should not


You are fighting your war

the cancer

attempted to

take over

& tonight

the experts say

will be your

final bye

to life as you

have known it

I pray for



that only

we can

believe for

(Jim Wortham, March 4, 2022)

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