Alice’s Coffee Shop

The servers

search customers

in the room

looking for those

who tip the best

Alice tells them

not to do that

A waitress

dressed for a night out

walks toward me

She winks

She studies my face


and quickly decides

to wait on me

She pours coffee

asks if I need cream & sugar

She pours

the cream

adds sugar

and stirs the coffee

Sitting down at my table

for 10 minutes

she smiles and talks

to catch a glimpse

of what my voice sounds like

and if I’m her type of guy

When I was finished

with the coffee

and refills

she brings the bill

She wrote

her name & cell number

“Text or call

It gets lonely

after work

& you seem to be

a very kind guy

If you are in a committed


please keep my

contact information

in case

things don’t work out

the way you want

& you need a friend.”

(October 28, 2021)

She’s afraid

She never got over

abuse as a child

She talks when necessary

but stays by herself

She doesn’t trust women

they could have stopped

the abuses

She learned it’s best to overeat

and dress in worn-out clothes

She tells me if she looks

overweight & dresses in rags

people leave her alone

She stays home

reads romantic


to see what she is missing

No one calls

She likes it this way

The damage is done

she wants to look and dress

as ugly as she can

It keeps others away

especially men

Dear Lord Jesus,

will you heal

her emotions

and make her whole again?


(October 28, 2021)

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