Will you be my forever friend?

i must share how it was

i gave my time to anyone who wanted it

anyone who wanted to be my friend–yes!

i wanted many friends when i was young

in my teens and twenties (and later)

years and years and years passed

and most of my friends are gone

(maybe they really did not want me as a friend

once they learned i had imperfections)

many who i shared time with

are gone, so gone, i have no way to contact them

may i share about my time now with you?

time has become valuable

as i have become badly worn

with wrong jobs

friendships that did not last

lovers who no longer

answered their phone and texts ///




different . . . today

time has become a treasure

i don’t know how much time i have

i know i have fewer hours


i will be your friend

if you don’t leave me

my time is tied to my time to live


only come to me

if you will be my friend


— Jim Wortham, September 11, 2022

Published by Jim Wortham

As a teen, wanted to live from writing poetry. Wrote several books, selling nationally. Hung out with readers throughout the United States. My writing has been on back burner. Now dusting off my desk and have my pen in hand. Hope you enjoy some of what I write.

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