he will never talk with her again

something was wrong


I could tell

by the hard knocking

on my door


we were always close friends

and today

he needed a friend

in the worse way


my friend and his wife

had argued the night before . . .

the arguments were about

nothing important

he was just in one of his moods


he became so heated

with unkind words that


she left the house

got into her car

and drove off in order to

cool down


within  minutes

a car drifted head-on

into her lane


the ambulance came

it took too long


she died in

the flames

of the wreck


my friend

now in my home

could only say a word or two

between sobs


i did gather enough

words to hear him say


“i would give up everything

to have her back

for one more day”

Published by Jim Wortham

As a teen, wanted to live from writing poetry. Wrote several books, selling nationally. Hung out with readers throughout the United States. My writing has been on back burner. Now dusting off my desk and have my pen in hand. Hope you enjoy some of what I write.

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